Rwenzori Trust

Changing the lives of young people in Western Uganda

Visit Ruboni community camp

Ruboni Community Camp is situated at the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The location makes the camp an ideal destination for mountaineers...

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Sponsor a child

The Child Sponsorship Project (the “CSP”) started in February 2008. We currently support 43* children per year and our focus remains secondary education up to A level equivalent.

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We believe in impactful sustainable development. Our projects are small-scale, transparent, accountable, and they work

Become a regular donor. It costs just £6 per month to educate a child.

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We rely on donations to fund our charity

Any money you give makes a difference. The trustees personally fund the UK running costs of the charity. The Rwenzori Trust is a UK charity, registered with the Charities Commission (no 1011735)

We partner with the Ruboni Community Conservation and Development Programme (“RCCDP”) to deliver our projects in Ruboni village. For the child sponsorship programme, school fees are paid by RCCDP directly to the relevant schools so that money does not disappear. Our only Ugandan overheads are the payment of 50,000 Ugandan shillings (approximately £10) each month to a local teacher who organises the payments to the schools, coordinates the decision making of who is accepted onto the programme, and sends us a report each term tracking fees and progress.

Our mission

The advancing of education in Uganda for the public benefit

Our goals

The sustainable empowerment of young people in Ruboni through education

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